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We provide painting services throughout Connecticut and Florida. You can read our reviews but our work speak for themselves, give us a try and you won't regret it. Refer us and get a free gift certificate

I could not ask for a more honest and professional painter. -Steven I

Highly recommended great painters and price.

-Cjm L.

Our family just moved and we could not believe how affordable they were compared to everyone else around and the work was beautiful. I referred them to our whole neighborhood. -Betty Evans

We needed someone to do whole house interior painting, replace sheetrock in bathroom molded areas and install medicine cabinets. All painters we contacted would do just painting. They even wouldn't replace sheetrock in molded areas, just treat it and paint it over. Professional Ultimate Painting was the only company that said they'll do it all and for very competitive price. They did very good paint job. Not only they replaced molded sheetrock but also found and eliminated mold source. Floors, furniture and other valuables were secured and covered. They even vacuumed the house at the end of each workday. We are very pleased with Professional Ultimate Painting and definitely would recommend them to all our friends.

- Solomon Y

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